Best Disaster Preparedness Lights

These are our recommendations for the BEST disaster preparedness lights.

Below is a list of what makes the lights in this collection great for when things get rough: 

  • Hands Free Lights
    • (Headlamp or Magnetic)
  • Magnetic Tail Caps/ Magnetic Base
    • Able to be placed on a refrigerator, pipes, Car Roofs, Car Hoods, Shower Curtain bars
  • Long Run Times 
    • Provides light till dawn 
  • Built-in Micro USB Port 
    • Rechargeable Battery 
    • Chargeable via Lithium-Ion Power Bank/ USB Port for the next night
  • Wide beam Patterns
    • Able to light up a room when the power goes out 
  • Multiple fuel sources
    • Built-in battery & optional AA Batteries 
    • Replaceable battery